Case Study

Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America)

Redesign lifting tongs 282 t SWL

Customer: Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America)

Alcoa is an American public company best known for its work with lightweight metals and advanced manufacturing techniques.

PLS were challenged with re-designing a Furnace Charging machine to incorporate a fully automated option to eliminate human control.

PLS were successful in delivering the requested solution incorporating the following key elements:

  • Powered long travel motion
  • 360 degree slew to access furnaces on both sides of the work area
  • Forks capable of carrying 8te of product into high temperature furnaces
  • Laser positioning system to automatically position the charger at each furnace over 50m of track
  • Fully programmable to allow the charger to load and unload furnaces automatically without a driver
  • Under floor power feed system