Case Study

International Heavy Forging Company

Hydraulic beam for heavy forged rolls 50 tonnes SWL

Customer: International Heavy Forging Company

In 2014 PLS was awarded the contract to design and manufacture a lifting system to handle and transport a range of heavy forged rolls. Our design team developed a hydraulic lifting beam to suit our customer’s requirements.

The main design features of this beam are:

  • Forged rolls up to 17 m long, 50 tonnes weight and 600 °C temperature
  • High stiffness rectangular section for minimal vertical deflection to avoid residual deformation of the rolls
  • 5 hydraulically operated grabs for handling rolls from Ø500 to Ø900 mm
  • 5 sliding trolleys for grab positioning
  • Detachable wheels to allow easy replacement and maintenance of trolleys
  • Suspension system for use in single and Ramshorn hooks