Case Study

International Heavy Forging Company

Redesign lifting tongs 282 t SWL

Customer: International Heavy Forging Company

This set of lifting tongs can lift and handle high-temperature steel ingots of up to 282 tonnes weight, 3.5 metres diameter and 700 °C temperature. A crucial piece of equipment of our customer’s heavy forge facilities, these are our largest and one of the world’s largest lifting tongs.

PLS was awarded the project of redesign and manufacture of these tongs, improving the original design within the constraints of weight and headroom imposed by the main Heavy Forge crane, and according to current British Standards.

The project involved almost 2 months of design and engineering and 4 months of manufacture and assembly. The main improvements to the original design were:

  • Identification and elimination of high stress zones
  • Selective structural reinforcement for weight/strength optimization
  • New welding pattern to prevent formation of brittle cracks
  • Modification point carriers for improved support on callipers
  • Inspection plates for monitoring potential overloading