Lifting Tongs & Grabs

Lifting Tongs & Grabs

Lifting tongs are an ideal solution for handling and transporting cylindrical objects, slabs and ingots and generally for all types of loads with irregular shapes. They can be designed with auto-catch systems for operation completely free of manual interaction.

PLS is a specialist in the design and manufacture of lifting tongs. Over 25 years as a company has given us an unprecedented amount of experience and expertise, tackling increasingly more complex projects for a wide variety of industries.

Our extensive record includes tongs and grabs from 50kg to 282 tonnes SWL, from handling timber walls to steel ingots at 700 °C and from a few millimetres to several metres opening range.

We can also extend, uprate and modify your existing tongs, carrying out a thorough structural assessment to ensure they are safe and according to standards.

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