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Steel workers fastening steel to crane in factory


Trust the specialists at Professional Lifting Services Ltd, Sheffield to thoroughly inspect your lifting hooks, and ensure they meet all current UK safety and operational standards.

Ensure the safety of your lifting equipment

A crane hook and bottom block assembly are some of the most crucial parts of any crane. Throughout each hoisting cycle, the components are subjected to various loads and stresses, and it is imperative that these items are regularly inspected for any types of wear and damage. At Professional Lifting Services we provide a comprehensive inspection service covering double hooks, closed hooks, ladle hooks and all other types of lifting equipment hook.

For each inspection, the bottom block is completely dismantled and the hook removed. Various methods of non-destructive testing are carried out, such as use of a magnetic particle and dye penetrant, as well as visual and dimensional checks.

With our hook inspections, we offer live reporting which enables our engineers to forward the results direct to you and our head office while on site. This gives an electronic document highlighting original and current dimension changes over time, and can help predict the lifespan of the hooks. This is helpful information for planning ahead and modernising your equipment.

Once satisfied with the inspection, the bottom block is re-assembled and put back into service. Based in Sheffield, our inspectors are ready to support businesses throughout the country with their hook inspection needs.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Arrange your next hook inspection now. Contact the helpful team at Professional Lifting Services now, by calling:

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