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Giant ladle hooks being manufactured


From replacement units to upgrades and new installations, count on Professional Lifting Services Ltd to support all your business' crane needs.

Chain hanging from crane in steel factory

Specialists in ladle hooks

Ladle hooks are a type of under-the-hook listing device commonly used in the metalworking industry. They are ideal for transporting molten materials safely and efficiently. They also have a number of uses elsewhere in UK industry.

We are able to provide a range of services that allow us to either manufacture new replacement ladle hooks, or alternatively to strip, repair and refurbish your existing hooks. We have several in-house facilities at our site in Sheffield, giving us greater control over the quality and reliability of the end product, as well as the costs. This all works to ensure you get a great-quality products for a competitive price.

Whether you choose new or refurbished hooks they will be delivered to your premises, complete with a quality pack containing material certificates, non-destructive test results and a Certificate of Thorough Examination and proof load test results.

Our 500T capacity hydraulic test rig enables extensive in-house testing of all hooks to industry standards.

Whilst based in Sheffield, we are able to offer a nationwide service, catering to a range of sectors including manufacturing, distribution and the rail industry. With decades of industry experience and a commitment to quality, you'll struggle to find a more suitable and competitive specialist.

Some of our recent work includes:

A Crane Lifting a Container

Choose a team that can produce high-quality ladle hooks for your operation. Call Professional Lifting Services, Sheffield now on:

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