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Lifting the steel beam on the slings


Sheffield-based and highly experienced, Professional Lifting Services can be counted on to supply the perfect solutions for your lifting needs.

Container lift with shipping container in port

Versatile and efficient

Lifting beams (or spreader beams) and frames are below-the-hook lifting equipment used with jib setups. They have numerous applications and nowadays they are indispensable in any industry where the movement of loads is required.


The main advantages are two-fold:

  • They reduce dramatically the headroom of a lifting operation by eliminating the need for slings

  • They provide multiple lifting points to a hook for a safer and more balanced lift

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke lifting beams across a wide range of sectors: steelmaking, railway, energy, construction and nuclear and many other sectors.

Professional Lifting Services is committed to helping operators find the right jib cranes and lifting beams to suit their specific requirements. We have been providing the ideal solutions to companies since 1985, and are ready to support your needs and provide the right solution. Based in Sheffield our team operated throughout the UK, and can also be counted on to supply ladle hooks, lifting tongs and more besides.

Jib cranes are a very versatile solution for movement of loads in a circular area next to the place of work. This style is available in a wide range of options and all can be designed specifically to suit your requirements. They provide a safe means of handling heavy loads in your industry without risk of personal injury. Jib cranes are easy to install and use and they can make your production much more efficient.  

View some of our recent work:

A Crane Lifting a Container

Looking for the ideal lifting beam or frame solution? Be sure to contact the team at Professional Lifting Services. Call our experts in Sheffield now, on:

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