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Ensure your employees can safely work at height, with the right equipment from Professional Lifting Services Ltd. Contact our team today for UK-wide sales and support.

Stay safe at any height with our help

Falling from height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and injuries at work in the UK. As well as being experts in lifting equipment, our highly skilled, experienced and trained designers and engineers can assess the work area of clients and design the appropriate tailor-made safety solution for at-height operations.

Whether it’s an anchor point, safety line or full working platform, we can deliver a comprehensive safety solution designed to protect your employees and the public. We have been supporting businesses since 1985, and are in the perfect position to advise on the most suitable working at height equipment for your specific industry and applications.


Safety lines remain a common piece of essential equipment, and can be installed in many areas providing a safe working environment. Where necessary, supporting steelwork can be designed and installed to complement and support the system. Once installed we offer an inspection package to ensure the system is fit for purpose and safe to use.

We can also supply fall restraint, anchor points, retrieval systems or supplying the appropriate harnesses and safety equipment, Professional Lifting Services can provide the solution. If your engineers require training for Working at Height, we offer fully certified training courses to suit your needs.

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Call Professional Lifting Services, Sheffield for tailored working at height equipment. Call now for a quotation on:

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